Monday, September 3, 2012

Pics of the weekend: I've been missing Brussels & Vintage Market

This weekend, was just great. As I brought back the sun from US in Belgium, I enjoyed every single minute of my weekend time! It felt so good to be home (at least for now), to see your friends and beloved family again.

Therefore, on Sunday, I spent the afternoon in downtown Brussels with my friend Alizé. We went to the Vintage Market and then ended up in Danseart for Martinis.

Vintage Market
Vintage Market
Vintage Market
Vintage Market
I had a really strange feeling while I was walking down the streets of the city. Really, I left Brussels without any regrets last June, I was so bored, every week looked the same, I wanted something new. And lucky me, I had it, I've been in DC, NYC, Montreal, Chicago, Milwaukee: that is quiet a something new. But as the time went by, I started to miss my family, my friends and my city.

That is why this Sunday, I never loved my city that much.

And what about you coming back home? Who/What did you miss the most after a long time away from home?

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