Monday, August 13, 2012

Pic of the week-end : walking in someone else's shoes

This week-end, I was doing some shopping at Macy's without being able to find anything. I had some much running through my mind.

Indeed, I was thinking about my professional projects. Should I do this or that?
And at the same time I couldn't stop thinking about this Facebook album, a high school friend just got married. She looked to beautiful and so happy in those pictures. Tough she was kind of a tomboy high school (and still is). But the feeling of happiness made her the most beautiful person I''d seen that day.

I couldn't help wondering why did she just got married and the big deal of my life is my upcoming career or this hot guys I just met and I don't know if I should to text him back or not ? And what if my big deal is to drag  my BFF along to this new place-to-be in town?

Am I missing the boat to adulthood here? 

On the top of that, I have four weddings coming up next fall including my sister's big day, which is obviously the biggest issue here.

Back in this big storeRight there at Macy's, I didn't know where to go and what to do. Grab a dress? Grab a baby's present (because of course my friends are having babies too!)?
It felt so unfair... Why am I to spend money on things that make me feel sad and childish?

And at the very moment, walking down the store going crazy, I stood up face-to-face with those perfect heels (You know, the kind you only meet once in a blue moon).

So, as a matter of fact, this fall, I'm not gonna care about fining the perfect dress. It doesn't matter if my dress is career and hers is a wedding, a baby or even a house. As long as I wear, the perfect shoes that fits me (only). I think I'll be just fine.

And really, who said that you have walk in someone else's shoes?

Have a nice week folks.

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