Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Song: Hollywood, Hollywood, Something About You

Hello folks!

I hope you've had a nice Saturday night.What are you up to today?
As for me, I'm very honored this morning to play host to one of my dearest friend: Alizé.

She's the kind of facebook friend who can always surprise you with a nice track on a very bad Monday morning, you know, when you're just scrolling down your feeds to check up on everyone's weekend parties?

Today, Alizé has three tracks for you. Besides, I forgot to mention, she's an amazing dancer, so she knows pretty much about music.

You should probably know that song, shouldn't you? It has been aired a lot these past months.

Yeah, it's RAC, a band from Portland, Oregon. And the famous belgian DJ Magician has aslo realesed a remix of it.

I've got it free here. (my pleasure)

Lately,the RAC duo did a cover of Daft Punk, featuring with Liz Anjos. This track is just deep and perfect to chill out this Sunday!

And guess what? It's free too!

It's FREE, it's SUNDAY.

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