Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Showoff the good bag

Living in the states for a few, I had the pleasure to discover the food, the TV shows, the food, Netflix, the food. 

In other words, I did enjoy my time here and I'm still. But a very strange thing happened one day: I saw that bag, on the shoulder of woman. Firstly,I just tell to myself that she had no taste for bags and that she definitely might need some help. But then, I saw another one and the week after, two more. Secondly, I thought it was a fake Vuitton (really), found out it wasn't.

I needed to find out at who's the designer who's burning my eyes! And I just asked the next lady I came to and she proudly said: 'COACH' (with an over-sized smile on her face). 'But it's expensive', she added (shouldn't have).

I know some people do not have taste when it comes to bags. But come on, that? I can not believe she really likes it, does she? She's into the brand or even the phenomenon of brand.

So I couldn't help of wondering : why do people like brands (and obviously even ugly ones)? Is it about proving something to ourselves? To your friends, co-workers, relatives?
I taught that only dudes like to showoff (with their girlfriends). And the louder, the better (e.g. Lady Gaga style). Apparently, chicks are doing the same with the bags. 
But it's never too late to get THE one! And to turn from ugly and expensive to expensive and at stunning.

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