Monday, August 20, 2012

Pics of the weekend and the perfect outfit

This weekend has been so mixed up and this Monday it was pretty hard to find one single picture to sum up so many different things ! 
Furthermore, the weather was so different from a day to another. That's why by the end of each day, I could point out that my outfit wasn't fitting me at all.

So I couldn't help of wondering: Is there on earth an all-weather outfit? Because I just spent the weekend wearing the wrong things! And trust me, it wasn't funny at all.

First of all, my weekend started on Thursday night when I went to my first NFL Football game. The weather was windy so I decided to wear that. As you can see, I went trough the Jersey Store where I bought a Packers tee (I switched it in the creepy bathroom of the stadium). And during the game, it starts raining so I had to wear my poncho. And so the blue sweater wasn't matching with the green tee anymore, my feet were wet, I wanted people to see my damn green tee... In other words: D I S A S T E R.
I spent my Friday evening shopping. For that kind of occupation I think I know how to dress, wasn't an issue.

But on Saturday and Sunday, OMG I was all wrong. I'm kind of involved in the election and I went  canvassing and knocking on doors for the re-election of the president. To skip the details, on Saturday I end up sweaty and freezing on Sunday (plus no more feet, I walked way too much).

Afterwards, I tried to figure out the perfect outfit, which can face the rain, the sun and the wind.

The all-weather outfit

Chaser crew neck shirt, $69 / Full zip hoodie, $47 / Ksubi boyfriend jeans, $290 / Gucci bag

Do you have better ideas?

Have a nice week


Eva said...

Vrai qu'ils snt passe-partout et super confos ces outfits! :)

Mod'elle POP said...

C'est super pratique pour des grosses journées dont tu ne sais pas comment elles vont se terminer ! :-)